Schoolwide wellbeing

Leverage Reflect to engage the entire school in creating a nurturing, inspiring, and equitable learning community that fosters social, emotional, and academic growth.

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Educator wellness

Use Reflect to support educators’ wellbeing by helping them build trust and better relationships with colleagues and students, manage stress, thrive in the workplace, and foster a community where everyone feels like they belong.

Listen to your team icon Listen to your team
To effectively teach social-emotional skills, educators first need space to reflect personally and recognize their skills and opportunities for growth. Use Reflect to take the temperature of your school ecosystem and ensure that educators' own needs are being met so they can invest the best of themselves in teaching.
Cultivate trust icon Cultivate trust
High levels of trust among school staff can foster a collaborative work environment that benefits everyone. Regularly use Reflect to check in on team challenges and achievements, and host discussions that create space for all feelings and opinions, nurturing a culture of collaboration.
Lower stress levels icon Lower stress levels
Teaching is one of the most stressful professions, affecting educators' health, job satisfaction, teaching quality, and motivation to stay in the field. Utilize the check-in data to facilitate discussions on how stress may personally affect them and establish routines for stress reduction.

Student wellness

Use Reflect to cultivate a positive classroom climate, enhance students' sense of belonging, and foster school connectedness, ensuring everyone feels accepted, recognized, and valued.

Establish routines icon Establish routines
Encourage weekly Reflect check-ins in classes to help students focus on learning, navigate challenges, and cultivate prosocial behaviors aimed at helping others. Foster a growth mindset by encouraging honest reflection on their experiences, effort, motivation, and progress.
Amplify student voice icon Amplify student voice
Students offer a unique perspective on how various aspects impact the day-to-day life of the school, and their voices are critical to fostering a positive school culture. By using Reflect to listen to students, schools can make informed decisions about the changes that will best support all learners.
Boost resilience icon Boost resilience
Leverage our catalog of brain break activities to equip students of all ages with the mindset, knowledge, and skills to handle strong emotions, set goals, solve problems, and nurture strong friendships.
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Data-driven education relies on comprehensive, useful data. When your school uses Reflect regularly, you provide teachers, principals, and district leaders with built-in actionable wellbeing insights, leading to improvements in student and staff success. Discover the impact by creating a new check-in and sharing it with your team.
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