Wellbeing in Higher Ed

Students in colleges and universities experience a gamut of emotions, from confusion, boredom and anxiety to curiosity, and exhilaration. Leverage Reflect to enrich their learning journey, spur progress, and pave the way for overall success.

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Prioritize student wellness

Reflect check-ins provide opportunities for reflection, support, and skill-building, fostering a supportive campus environment and enhancing academic success.

Listen to your team icon Student Success
Wellbeing directly impacts student success, affecting academic performance, engagement, and overall satisfaction with the college experience.
Cultivate trust icon Retention and graduation rates
Addressing wellbeing concerns can improve retention and graduation rates by providing students with the support they need to navigate challenges and stay on track to completing their degrees.
Lower stress levels icon Campus culture
Prioritizing wellbeing contributes to fostering a positive campus culture where students, faculty, and staff feel supported, valued, and empowered to thrive both academically and personally.
Lower stress levels icon Long-term impact
Investing in student wellbeing not only benefits individuals during their time in higher education but also equips them with the skills and resilience needed for success in their future careers and personal lives.
Lower stress levels icon Mental health awareness
Promoting wellbeing raises awareness about mental health issues and reduces stigma, encouraging open conversations and proactive approaches to seeking support and resources.
Lower stress levels icon Academic innovation
Supporting student wellbeing fosters an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and critical thinking, enhancing the overall quality of education and preparing students for the complexities of the modern world.
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Belonging starts with connection. Students who receive comprehensive onboarding and support are more likely to have a fulfilling university and college experience. Check in with your students now to help them connect and thrive in your institution.
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