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Introducing new features and activities to support social-emotional learning, gain wellbeing insights, and build a happier, healthier learning community.

Microsoft Reflect
Screenshot from Reflect shows how to export check-in data to Excel and what this data looks like in Excel.
New feature

Export to Excel

View your web check-ins
You asked, and now it's here! 🎉 Easily export check-in data to Excel for seamless analysis and tracking. To get started, simply navigate to your check-ins list, select the "..." option, and then choose "Export to Excel".
>Screenshots from Reflect in Microsoft Teams Assignments: Add check-in to your assignment, explore the Together view, and personalize feedback to students.
New feature

Exit ticket in Teams Assignments

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Integrate Reflect check-in into your Microsoft Teams Assignments with a single click, empowering you to: 📢 Amplify student voices 💡 Gain valuable insights from their perspectives ✨ Tailor feedback based on their reflections.
Collage of thumbnails featuring learners expressing different emotions, serving as the thumbnails for In a Heartbeat, the new podcast in Reflect.
New podcast

In a Heartbeat

Listen now
Turn little moves into big wins with our new podcast on navigating emotions and life skills, specifically designed for the school setting and based on research.
Screenshot of Guess the Emotion brain break in Reflect, with a Feelings Monster on the side holding a question mark made from clay.
New game

Guess the Emotion

Play now
Introducing a new brain break to help students expand their emotional vocabulary. In pairs, players ask yes/no questions to guess their opponent's #FeelingsMonster before they guess their own! 🤔🧠
A man sitting on the floor holding a phone during a breathing activity alongside a card of the breathing activity in Reflect.
New feature

Favorites list

View your favorites
Discovering your favorite brain breaks just got easier! Simply star them for quick access in your favorites list. 🌟 Take a moment for mindfulness and self-care whenever you need it!
>Integrate with your LMS
New way to Reflect

Integrate with your LMS

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Reflect provides seamless and secure integrations with Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, D2L, Blackboard and more learning tools to create impactful check-ins, gain well-being insights, and build a happier, healthier learning community.
Explore mood trend
New feature

Unlock powerful insights

View trends for web check-ins
Instant trend line, word cloud, and filters reveal where learners excel and where attention is needed. 📈 Follow trends over time to distinguish short-term blips from long-term declines. 💡 Make informed decisions by examining class and student-level trends. 🧠
>Emotion of the year - tired and happy
2023 wrap up

Emotion of the year

New check-in
Our reflections are the compass guiding our decisions. Intentional reflection is not just about looking back but also paving a forward path. Tired but happy, we press on, for an awesome year ahead ✨. Create a check-in with your learners to see what emotion they choose to open '24 with!
Become a Global Training Partner
New opportunity for partners

Become a Global Training Partner

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Our global training partner's role is to design and deliver inspirational training and change management programs, aiding educators in using Reflect to build happier, healthier learning communities.
Snowman guided meditation
New brain break

Snowman guided meditation

Play meditation
Holidays are here, and it's the perfect time to build snowmen and warm your soul with festive joy. 🎄✨
Take a break, press play on the attached meditation, and let tranquility melt away any stress. ❄️🧘‍♂️
Pebbles guided imagery
New brain break

Pebbles guided imagery

Play meditation
Everyone feels worried or stressed sometimes, and it's totally okay! 🪨
Discover the power of new pebble guided imagery in Reflect - a special strategy for all ages to navigate worries. ⛵️
The Emotion Board
Expanded language support

The Emotion Board

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The Emotion Board is a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) activity your students will love. It is a physical board that adapts Reflect for classrooms with young students or without student devices, now available in Teams for all languages.

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